Trade stocks 24/7, premarket and after hours.

Zero fees and perfect liquidity in every market.

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+ 14.5%

Q1 2019

After hours earnings slump.

Fitbit short sell return chart.
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+ 5.83%

Q1 2019

Breaking news pre-market.

Tesla buy pre-market return chart.
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+ 9.46%

Q1 2019

Small crypto bubble crash.

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Trades that are only possible on Morpher.

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Short sell an asset without owning it. Profit when markets fall instead of just moving into cash, and get recession-proof returns.

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24/7 Trading

Trade stocks pre-market, after hours, and everything in between. Invest after a big earnings beat or on breaking news.

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Every Market

Global market support for every investment type: stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and even alternative assets.

Built for sophisticated investors.

Amazing features for professional traders and ease of use for everyone.

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Infinite Liquidity

Buy or sell every asset when you want to. No more slippage on your trades.

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Zero Fees

Stop paying more just to trade more. Invest for free as often as you want.

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No Middlemen

Forget the exchanges, brokers, risky counterparties and fee-taking middlemen.

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Fractional Shares

Perfectly allocate your investment portfolio. Get started with $10 or less.

Morpher application homepage with ACB stock, EURUSD, Gold, and NFLX stock.

Discover your trading edge.

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